This is Zend Framework 2's FatBoy

The mission of this repository is setting up your website with every functionality you will ever need. And you will be instantly using the best Zend Framework 2 Modules of your choice.

Every module that is here provided is already up-and-running. All you have to do is switch it off if you do not need it.
The modules are external repositories created and maintained by other brilliant programmers. FatBoy has already implemented them for you and demo's their use.

Is some module almost perfect but you want add some functionality? Then go ahead and extend the module.
Do it well and you can even get your moment of fame by getting your work merged into the module.

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Use it!

Just add content to page MyText, MyBlog and MyAnything and you site will be ready for use WITHOUT touching any code!!
As easy to get up-and-running as Wordpress, but knowing that this is a far more thourough codebase and that your application has a better chance to live longer and prosper.

Fatboy matures


  • add auth&auth
  • add navigation's second level
  • Make navigationbar auto-add modules'navbaritems
  • add stickynotes to edit content-pages
  • add forms to the form module
  • add table editing modules
  • add a database

Get&Give Support

Feel free to ask about Fatboy, about how it can help you and your customers to get a website with every functionality that ZF2 has to offer.But also, see if you can add whatever you feel that is missing and for which you have a solution. Make us happy with pretty code in a pull request.

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ZF2 Fatboy Application